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    NEWLAND Stories at IBC2017

      IBC2017 just winds down.

      In its 50th anniversary, IBC2017 has confirmed a year-on-year increase in visitor numbers, marking a record attendance of 57,669 across the six day event.

    NEWLAND exhibit its latest platforms on STBs
    NEWLAND, the global leading digital TV receiver developer, introduced newest User Interface for broadcast and OTT video services.

    Global leading satellite fleet provider proceeds partnership with NEWLAND to bring STATE OF ART TV viewing experiences to east and west Africa continent

     Faster, fancier, more interactive: Newland showing latest HbbTV technologies
    Newland demonstrate the latest HbbTV technologies including Companion Screen, Media Synchronization, TTML Subtitle, DVB DASH, etc. at IBC2017.

     NEWLAND introduce the most innovative Low Freq SUPER WIFI NETWORK solutions and CPEs to speed up the Broadband penetration in most developing countries
    At IBC2017, NEWLAND introduce and exhibited its latest cost effective wireless broadcast and internet deployment solutions and terminal devices to allow the operators to deploy mixed broadcasting and internet services to rural areas with lowest budget of investment.