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    C. S&T Introduction

    Fujian Newland Communication Science Technology Co., Ltd is a proud memeber of the Newland Group. Founded in November 2001, Newland C. S&T is a hi-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, designing, manufacturing, and sales of Set Top Box, DTV Transmission Network Solution, & Cellular Network Enhancement Solution.

    Newland C. S&T has achieved great success in both domestic and foreign markets for product Set Top Box, and her global marketing web now includes Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, LATAM, Middle East, Africa, and other countries and regions.

    Being a leading supplier of DTV comprehensive solution, and transmission equipment, we provide full range of products and customized solution.

    Newland C. S&T also functions as a supplier of wireless communication equipment, with expertise on network enhancement solution. We provide full scope of customized GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA repeaters, amplifiers as well as antennas & other passive components.

    Newland's philosophy is focused always on providing the highest quality, best service, and greatest satisfaction to our clients worldwide.

    Nov. 2001 Establishment of Newland C. S&T
    Oct. 2003 Qualification & licencing completed
    Dec. 2005 Investment from UK absorbed
    May. 2006 First export (STB to Middle East)
    Mar. 2007 Overseas Division established
    May. 2008 DTV R&D center co-founded with BTNG, & Fuzhou University
    Apr. 2009 Newland crowned as a Chinese "National Famous" brand
    Aug. 2009 Customer Service Center started operation
    Jun. 2010 Converted into a share-holding company
    Jul. 2010 Beginning of the conversion from ODM to solution provider
    May. 2011 ERP/OA/EHR started operation
    Jan. 2012 Advanced Security CAS authorized
    Jun. 2013 Nlite Middleware ready for market
    Jul. 2013 Targeting at the smart home market
    Jan. 2014 New office for Overseas Division in Shenzhen